Beyond Boundaries → Lufthansa Technik

Samstag, 15. Juni
SandBox, 16:00 H

Sustaining flight with innovative energy harvesting since 1995 and beyond:


During this workshop you will learn about utilizing the product GuideU to identify potential savings in environmental impact and CO2 footprint within the aviation industry. The focus will be on developing new ideas and processes for sustainability.

Unternehmen: Lufthansa Technik
Speaker: Georgios Topalis
Dauer:  30 Minuten

AeroSHARK → Lufthansa Technik

Samstag, 15. Juni
Impulse Tent, 17:00 H

AeroSHARK – How a bionic technology has an impact on the sustainability of commercial aviation.



This presentation is about how requirements defined a product, which steps are necessary for approval before it makes its way into the commercial aviation and what impact it has on the sustainability of the aviation industry.

Unternehmen: Lufthansa Technik
Speaker: Nele Feigl
Dauer: 25 min.

Nele Feigl

Material & Mechanical Systems Design Engineer – AeroShark / Avionics and Flight Operation Solution