Samstag, 15. Juni
2nd Stage, 16:45 H

Islandman, a music trio in this realm  but  a fictional character in reality , is  a musical identity, a visionary who inspired by an island which does not exist,  could not dream the roads they passed by would lead to such interesting and beautiful places…


Islandman’s journeys took them to best band award at Montreux Jazz Festival, to a Kecak dance in Bali, stories in streets of Paris, ancient sounds of women in Bulgaria’s mountains. Aşık Veysel in Anatolia, Worldwide FM in London, Tuareg’s hypnotic music in Mali desserts, being a guest in Elton John’s radio show, an amazing musical trip to Boiler Room series, studio sessions with Bongo Ent. in Denmark, softest women vocals in South America and much much more experience which they do not want to prolong by writing.


Islandman managed to become an alternative existence and form a family with extraordinary members from many places around the world. Sharp mind of Tolga Böyük in production and deep stories in music, Erdem Başer’s psychedelic guitar riffs which takes listeners to alternative worlds, Eralp Güven’s 4-beat-diversified rhythms, turn Islandman’s performance into a musical clinic, a shamanic ritual with collected sounds from the paths that they walk . They take listeners to a deep musical journey with sincerity.


Just like all healers, shamans and spirits who are self-aware, Islandman covers a whole different ground to their listeners in concerts, opens the door to alternative existences… Passing through this door and meeting with Islandman on the other side  is exclusive to one’s own intention and dream…

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